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Terrasia Survey



The Coordinates and elevation of your location are need to get some required information for spatial database.

You can use basemap or topographic map or GPS data to give me about your location.
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 My Location
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Bandung City

  I live in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. I can be found at my base location:

Projection system: UTM (South of Equator); Spheroid: WGS84; Datum: Indo_G (Jakarta); Unit: meter; and Zone No: 48 (CM=105E; R=102E-108E).

UTM Zone S48 My Position
Easting/Northing 788,075.00 metres E 9,230,978.00 metres N
Longitude/Latitude 107 : 36' : 26.34" E 6 : 57' : 02.64" S
Elevation 664.0 metres above sea level
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  Last Revised: July 06, 2000