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Terrasia Location Survey

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  Last Revised: 06 July, 2000  

Location Form

Who/What Are You? If you'd like to let us know where you're from, please fill in the following form.

All information is strictly confidential and will not be sold or passed on without your confirmed permission.


Email Address

Web Address

Where Are Your Location? Fill your base or last location. Once we have a large enough database, we'll compile these into a database.  
Location Name

Northing or Latitude
Easting or Longitude

Projection What is projection system, spheroid, and datum used?  
Projection System



Tie Point

    If UTM Projection, select the UTM Zone Number. (CR=Central Meridian; R=Range).
UTM Zone No (CR; R)

If Non-UTM Projection, select RAW (Not defined/ specified) or Non-UTM Zone No, and you'd tell us the zone number in column of Non-UTM Zone No.
Non-UTM Zone No