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Remote Sensing and Image Analysis

RSIA - The Concept and Method

The exploration, managing, and planning of natural resources and conservation of the environment are defined as the application of scientific methods to dicover features of the Earth's surface. The exploration, by remote sensing and image analysis, includes the search for new mineral and petroleum resources, as well as such related problems as identifying geologic hazard and locating sources pollution. There is a strong trend toward using Geographic Information System (GIS) for exploration purposes of natural resources, regional planning and managing, and to solve the problems in environment field of views.

Remote Sensing and Image Analysis (RSIA) covers a wide variety of techniques. These may be applied statistical and arithmathical methods of calculations in nature, or essentially visual or manually methods, or a combination of the both methods. Many of the methods can only be done manually. Although, many of the data analysis, modelling and interpretation schemes tend to be specific to each type. For this reason, experience gained in one type of modelling and interpretation is not necessarily helpful in studying another type. The graphical methods of analysis are often helpful when the results of modelling and interpretation to be presented in visual form.

Image analysis may defined loosely as the set of various mathemathical and graphical operations use to transform such data into interpretable images, classify, and extract detected or classified phenomena (subtled features). Algorithms are expressed the set of operations and run the processing of image analysis.

A key to RSIA success is the ability to detect subtle pattern in scientific observation of the Earth's surface and near surface. While in the past detection came from visual examination and application of experience and judgment, modern method often involve phenomena or characteristics of the surface that completely undetectable by the human senses. In this areas that the computer takes a primary role in detecting phenomena, providing the ability to perform the complex calculations needed to analyze data. In the future it is likely that analysis of data aided by computers will have more directly application to geology or other geosciences.

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