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Image Analysis
The Concept and Method of Analysis About RSIA: The Concept and Method
The Results of Analysis About RSIA: The Results of Analysis
The Interpretation About RSIA: The Interpretation of Results
List of RSIA Results The List of RSIA Results of Analysis
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Remote Sensing and Image Analysis

June 14, 1999, 8:00 p.m. AST


This page of RSIA (Remote Sensing and Image Analysis) is a guide to the sub-pages that decribe about concepts and methods of image analysis, interpretation, and their results in geoscience data analysis applications. The sub-pages are grouped into three categories: the scientific concepts and methods of analysis, the results of analysis, and the interpretation of results.

The emphasis of this page and its sub-pages are on the practical aspect of using computers in geoinformation. The principles of various analysis techniques are given only in practical outline, to permits concentration on the problems of getting geoinformation into a computer-acceptable form in efficient algorithms, maintaining analytical methods, and so on. In the interest of clarity, specific references are listed and summarized in a related bibliographic page.

  Notes: Several sub-pages are PRIVATE pages, and the titles of results listed in a page of the List of RSIA Results. Contact me for information.  
  Image and Map

In the context of sub-pages, an image or a map is a representation of visual data by arrays of discrete point (raster format).



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